At Local View Digital Marketing we are always asking questions and learning new things on a daily basis. It is our job to ask, listen and understand a clients business. That way we can take best practices and apply them to our strategic digital marketing plans for each individual client.

Our Local View St. Louis executive, Allie, has recently entered into the digital marketing realm of the event industry. We wanted to learn a little bit more about what event industry professionals are saying about digital marketing. So we reached out to some event industry professionals and asked them a few questions. Our first professional is Aaren Muex, the founder and owner of Divine Events. Read her interview below:


event industry professional interview Aaren Muex

Aaren Muex, Founder & Owner

Q: Biggest challenge you face in getting new clients?

A: Getting noticed!

Q: On-going challenge you face getting online reviews?

A: Our clients are really good about posting online reviews when we ask them…We just have to remember to ask. 

Q: What social platforms do you find most beneficial for your business?

A: Instagram for the Social and Facebook & LinkedIn for the Corporate.

Q: How do you manage event promotion, including social media outreach and email campaigns?  

A: Currently we use different platforms for event promotion depending on the guests we are interested in reaching out to. 

Q: What has been your most rewarding moment on the job?

A: Social – when the Bride & Groom finish the ceremony married and excited. Corporate – when the event is in full swing and the clients are relaxed after meeting goal. 

Q: Do you believe digital marketing is essential for your business? Why or why not?

A: I do. I have seen the wonders it makes for other companies and have decided to invest in good digital marketing for ours. 

Q: When it comes to your website, social media, online reviews, etc. what do you find most important for your business?

A: All 3 are important for our business. Social Media gets our clients to our website and online reviews helps pursade the clients to book with us. 

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