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Our Four Step SEO Research Process

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Local View Uses A Four Step SEO Research Process

4 step seo research process

Step 1:SEO Keyword Research From Your Business Goals

Step 2: Identify Your Top Competitors Online

Step 3: Analyze Your Top Competitors And Their PPC

– Study Backlinks, Topical Authority, And Social Media

Step 4: Create Your Strategy

– Set 30, 90, and 180 Day Goals


A Common Misconception About SEO

There is a common misconception that SEO (search engine optimization) is only concerned with the keyword content of your website. While keywords are important, bringing traffic to your website by over-stuffing keywords and tags or replicating content found on other sites can hinder your efforts to optimize your website.

The Essentials Of SEO

Here is a shortlist we created of what can be described as the essentials of SEO:

  • Know your business. Know your audience. Know your website’s purpose. Then make it easy for your website visitors to learn your business quickly.
  • High-quality, original content is good and high-quality, original,images are better. Also, original video content ranks well with search engines but you need to create a file name, title, and description that is consistent with your on-page SEO strategy. For increased YouTube rankings have a look at this article.
  • Remember, user experience is extremely important. If your website is frustrating to use (especially on a mobile screen), your potential customers will likely take their business elsewhere. This will produce high bounce rates (visitors leaving within seconds after they arrive at your site). This does not help your cause to increase search engine rankings. Make your website easy to use (and crawl by search engines).
  • What internet authority of your website?
  • Does your website have valuable backlinks? In other words, is your website linked as a source by other high-traffic websites? Government ( .gov ) and educational institutions ( .edu ) are two examples of high-value back links.
  • Have you used the keywords you are competing for in your page URLs (the address name of website pages)? Remember, the names of pages and post are very important, so a numbered blog post is less than ideal for SEO. Blog posts and other links should include the main keywords that your page is focused on. The URLs of your website should be search-friendly names.

While this is only a shortlist, our SEO tools and services are proven to increase ranking and traffic to your business website.


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