Optimizing your website to increase the amount of organic traffic to your site.



We Know What You Need and How to Make it Happen!

Many people believe the SEO relates solely to keywords used on a website. The fact of the matter is that SEO refers to the process of making web content truly useful to the target audience. Links, accurate information, fresh data all of these and more have a hand in determining whether or not a site is considered optimized or “SEO Friendly.”

Customer Experience describes the overall perception that customers have of their experience with your business.

How it Works

Here is Our Four Step Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Research Process

Step 1: Keywords

We begin by conducting SEO keyword research based on your business goals.

Step 2: Identify

Next, we identify your top competitors online.

Step 3: Analyze

Now, we analyze your top competitors; their PPC, study their Backlinks, topical authority, and Social Media.

Step 4: Create

Lastly, we create your strategy. We set 30, 90, and 180 day goals with you.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Key Points

Consider the following when developing optimized content:

  • Know Yourself, Your Clients, and Your Site’s Purpose
  • High Quality Original Content Is Always A Good Thing
  • Make Your Media Search Friendly with Effective Descriptions, Filenames, & Titles
  • User-Friendly Sites Need to Work on All Devices
  • Is Your Site a Source of “Authority” in Your Industry?
  • Does Your Site Enjoy High-Quality Back-Links? Especially From Educations, Governmental, and Business Sources?
  • Are Keywords Used in the URL, Page Name, and Article Headers?
  • Google’s Local Pack And Siri Search – People no longer turn to phone books when it comes time to find out what is in the neighborhood. Search Engines like Google (Android) and Apple (Siri) utilize geotargeting to connect those searching for your services and products.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Our team works with your online profiles and business listings as well as your website to make certain you are utilizing everything possible to drive organic growth for your business. These are just a few of the things to bear in mind when developing SEO-friendly company profile and website. At Local View, it is our mission to help you look good online and to get found by search engines.