4 Easy Habits That Help People Find Your Website

Easy Habits That Help People Find Your Website by local view

Written by David Cuff


February 10, 2017

Habit Number One: Make Your Images Easy To Find By Search Engines

Give your image a searchable file name and fill in all the fields your website has for the image.

For Word Press your image fields are;

  • URL (file name from your local computer)
  • Title
  • Caption
  • Alt Text
  • Description

making website images easy to find by local view

Image Fields in Word Press












Habit Number Two: Think Page by Page

Create in your mind a single focus for each page of your website so that when someone is searching for what you have created a search engine can easily connect them to you. See the example below of how someone created a blog article for someone searching for Alkaline Diets. While I would have titled this article “How Alkaline Diets Work,” this author has a single focus for the page.


keyword focus example for blogs by local view

Think Page By Page

Habit Number Three: Include key word phrases close to the top of your page

While there is some debate as to how effective this is experts are still saying this is important.

As you create your content, make sure you include what you are talking about right away at the top of the page, with keywords that are 3 to 4 words long (also called long-tail key words).

blog article example at local-view

Using Keyword Up Top

Habit Number Four: Use Blog Articles To Drive Traffic From Social Profiles

RSS Blog feed icon at local view

Blog RSS Icon

  • Select Topic: Research Your Niche, Key Words, and Competition (SEO)
  • Create Article: Include Engaging Images That Enhance Your Content
  • Publish To Your Website Blog: Name It Something Others Would Read
  • Post To Your Social Network: Use Local View  Social Media Marketing
  • Link Back To Blog: Create Engaging Paragraph and Short-Link To Blog
  • Evaluate The Response: Using Your Website And Social Analytics



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  1. Gene

    Hi Dave!

    good stuff. makes sense to me. wish i had (or could afford to pay) someone to do these for me. For example, #1. I don't know how to find those fields for each photo.



    • David Cuff

      Hey Gene,

      Thanks for the comment. If your website is Word Press you will find it under "Media" in the left side-bar menu.

      If not check with your site developer and request the ability to edit these fields.

      With regards to the fields themselves, here is what I would do:

      URL (file name from your local computer)

      Give your file a name that starts with what it is, then ends with who you are.

      Example "white sand beach at sigasiga sands"


      Name this something that makes sense as it will be displayed on your site. Don't make it too wordy as it may change the layout of your page.

      Example: "White Sand Beach at our resort"


      Explain more of the same details

      Example: "White sand beach at the north end of SigaSiga Sands Resort"

      Alt Text

      Mostly the same as the File Name although you may want to alter them slightly if you have lots of photos.

      Example "white sand beach at sigasiga sands"


      This is like the Caption field above but you have more room to add a real descriptive definition. And I would include your business or website name on many them.



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