You Need To Be Mobile Responsive


Written by David Cuff


April 12, 2015

Don’t leave your customers shaking their phone in frustration. Customers want a seamless experience for their on-the-go web navigation. Whether it’s looking up a company for the first time or visiting the website of a store a customer is loyal to, customers want a dynamic, intuitive website to use on their mobile phone.

Google has recognized this to such an extent that, as of April 21st, Google Search will not only label your website as mobile friendly, but will also use that information in its search rankings. What does this mean? It means that websites that are not mobile responsive will not rank as high as website that mobile responsive.

User experience is a huge factor in obtaining and retaining customers. In the context of promoting brand identity and image, design strategies like managing screen real estate and intuitive UI design are essential. If you would like to see our Location Page (Mobile Website) Demonstration or any other of our products Click Here to Request Free Demo

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