Valeria Yulieth Rodriguez Mina

Valeria Yulieth Mina local view

Gender: Female
Location: Ecuador
Child ID: EC059800409
Birthday: Nov 2, 2012
Center: Iglesia Nuevo Remanente

Hobbies and Sport

Learning about God
Listening to Bible Stories
Ball Games
Group Games

Project: EC0598, Nueva Generación Cristiana (New Christian Generation) Tululbí Student Center

Where she lives:
Ricaurte, Esmeraldas Province, Ecuador; 10 miles SE of San Lorenzo

Your sponsored child lives in the village of Ricaurte, on the banks of the Tulubí River, home to about 2,500 people. Spanish is the common language. Typical houses are constructed of tile floors, wood walls and cement roofs.

The regional diet is largely based on rice.

Common health and other problems in this area: 
Most adults in Ricaurte make a living by farming, raising livestock, doing day labor or performing domestic services. The average family income is $250 per month. This community needs more income-generating activities, a secondary school, vocational training and playgrounds.

Benefits from your Sponsorship:
Your sponsorship allows the staff of Nueva Generación Cristiana Tulubí Student Center to provide your sponsored child with Bible teaching, nutritious food, vaccinations, hygiene training, school supplies, educational assistance, career guidance, music activities, soccer tournaments, leadership development and community service opportunities.