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Where it all began – Lynnwood, Washington. Local View LLC has been providing affordable digital marketing to the Lynnwood and surrounding areas for over 6 years. Our team and clientele has expanded across the United States and continues to grow!
Our mission at Local View is to take your vision and make it a reality. We take your company values very seriously and represent what you stand for through our digital marketing strategy. Our team highlights your business and makes you stand out against your competitors. As a full-service, affordable digital marketing agency, our team is always available for you.

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About David

David enjoys dark chocolate and cheesecake, hiking, surfing, reading, building, planning, helping and growing day to day with those who he calls friends.

Nickname: Dave

Favorite Color: Blue

Favorite Book or Movie: Movie – It’s A Wonderful Life

Least Favorite Food: Baked Fish

Dream Destination: Nadi, Fiji Islands

Three Words That Describe David: Faithful, Friendly & Fun

Giver not a taker. Helper not a judger. Encourager not a critic. Supporter not a supplanter.


Personal & Professional Highlights

Husband of 37 years

Father to 3 amazing kids

Grandfather to 5 stunning grandkids

Army National Guard 8 years (36C / E4)

2 year college certificate for Computer Electronics

4 year Bible Ministry Diploma

Network Systems Engineer

Prior Microsoft certification

Prior Novell certification

Prior HP eMail certification

Current Google certification

Current Yext certification

Current HIPPA certification

Current HITECT certification

Treasurer Whidbey West Water Association

Christian Church Planter / Pastor

Missionary (Egypt, Napal, Wales, Mexico)

Sponsor of At Risk Youth

7 years Digital Marketing Business Owner (Local View)

Important Life Lessons

  • Relationships are the key to any long-lasting success in all areas of life.
  • Respecting people for their God given value and learning of their personal development are essential keys to building a professional or personal relationship.
  • Long-term success and a good reputation take hard work and dedication.
  • Setting realistic expectations on myself and others will keep my heart content, my mind engaged, and my hands busy doing what is important.

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