Janviere Niyonizeye

Janviere Niyonizeye local view

Gender: Female
Location: Rwanda
Child ID: RW032700246
Birthday: January 9, 2012
Center: ADEPR Karengera

Hobbies and Sports

Listening to Bible Stories

Playing Sports

Singing Songs

Hide and Seek



Soccer or Football


Project: RW-327, ADEPR Karengera Student Center

Where she lives:

Location: Kirimbi, Karongi, Rwanda

Janviere lives in the hillside community of Kirimbi, home to approximately 24,000 residents. Typical houses are constructed of tile and have brick walls. The spoken language is Kinyarwanda.

The regional diet consists of bananas, beans and cassava.

Common health and other problems in this area: 
Most adults in Kirimbi work as subsistence farmers or on plantations and earn the equivalent of $41 per month. This community needs income-generating activities and scholastic materials.

Benefits from Local View’s Sponsorship:
This sponsorship allows the staff of ADEPR Karengera Student Center to provide Janviere with Bible teaching, Sunday school, health screenings, hygiene education, supplemental food, mentoring programs, sports, music classes and educational assistance. The center staff will also provide child development and income-generating training for the parents or guardians of Janviere.