Get 2k Twitter followers: 8 steps

Written by David Cuff

May 11, 2015

Author’s Note: Tweepi has changed their application to comply with Twitter’s guidelines and as a result the procedure below no longer functions the same. Tweepi still is a wonderful application for removing those you are following who do not follow you back, but the amount of followers you are able to remove has been dramatically reduced. This is to avoid users churning those they follow.

Twitter is an amazing tool to find out what people are saying and interact with them in social media. Also for small business being a part of the conversation is critical to stay on top of the market you are in.   But if you have under 300 followers how do you get your message out as part of that conversation?

Here are 8 Easy Steps To Get over 2k Twitter Followers in five months ~

  1. Login to Twitter
  2. Navigate to Tweepi.com
  3. Purchase one month of least expensive service
  4. Link your Twitter account to Tweepi
  5. Find a group twitter users that are in your area of interest
  6. Click “Follow” on as many as allowed by Twitter
  7. In five days remove as many as allow by twitter of those who have not followed you back
  8. Repeat steps 5 though 7 being careful not to follow Twitter rules (don’t worry Tweepi will prevent you for exceeding these rules)

Turn off email and text notifications from twitter or your mobile will constantly be informing you of new followers…

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Please Note: Tweepi Help Screen (taken from Tweepi*)

Suspension-prevention feature and limits

Twitter contacted us May 2015 about adding protective measures to help our clients avoid indefinite Twitter account suspensions. Aggressive follow and churn is one of the biggest reasons Twitter suspends accounts. This article discusses this new feature.

Protection limits introduced

  • Following is now limited to 950 users per day. †
  • Users followed cannot be unfollowed until 3 days have passed. †
  • Users unfollowed after being followed via Tweepi’s interface are limited to 500 per day. †
  • Users unfollowed cannot be refollowed. That is not too strict in case of accidental unfollowing.
  • The “force to unfollow me” feature is now limited to 500 requests per day.

† Lower limits may apply to FREE accounts.

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  1. bruce thabit

    Twitter is an amazing social media tool that shows what people are saying about your business and allows you to interact with them. Being a part of the conversation is critical if you are to stay on top of the market you are in.

  2. dcuff

    Great point…Thanks for the comment Bruce!


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