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6 Point Evaluation Service

  1. Yext! Business Listing Scan
  2. Website Audit
  3. Google Advertising Evaluation
  4. Social Media / Reputation Evaluation
  5. Content Evaluation
  6. Screen Share Explanation Meeting

No long-term contracts because we want to earn your business.

You get to keep all the reports even if you decide to use someone else.

Let us earn your business by providing you a complete evaluation of your current digital strategy. We can also develop one for you if have not developed one yourself. Free!


1. We Include Our Yext Listing Scan Of Your Business

Yext Listing Scan

Store the public facts about your business in a single source of truth with the Knowledge Manager.

Your centralized hub to manage all the facts consumers seek about your people, places, and products — from locations, holiday hours, and in-store promotions to parking entrances and professional credentials. With Yext’s best-in-class, cloud-based platform, you’ll harness the power of knowledge to drive internal efficiencies, great brand experiences, and rich customer interactions everywhere online.


You. In Control. Everywhere. With Yext.

Put every customer engagement to work for your business — no matter where it takes place — and drive more business online and off with Yext.

The ways your customers find and engage with information about your business has changed. Simple organic results are now replaced by intelligent answers in maps, apps, voice search tools, digital assistants, search engines, GPS systems, and social networks. These AI-powered services have created an entirely new channel where customers can engage with your business — are you in control of the answers they see across all these platforms?

Yext helps you manage the public facts about your business across the digital universe, so you can drive accurate, complete, and compelling experiences. On average, companies that invest in Digital Knowledge Management receive 49% more views after 12 months.

The Value of Digital Knowledge Management:

  • Brand Consistency & Control
  • Discoverability
  • Operational Efficiency
  • Customer Experience


2. We Include A Comprehensive Website Audit

Website Audit Report

We will create a comprehensive Website Audit report that details the 8 key areas listed below;

Health Check

Wondering how well your website is performing? Here you can check your website against the major SEO parameters and see whether your site has the proper WWW redirect, SEO and user-friendly URLs with trailing slashes, functional robots.txt file, XML sitemap, duplicate content, etc. Take advantage of the website health check to eliminate all possible errors, and follow our recommendations on how to increase your search engine visibility.

Pages Analysis

Here you can get all information about your website for the last months. It shows possible errors Google robots can meet while crawling your website. You will get all stats about the pages with too long URL, blocked robots.txt, too big size, Noindex meta tags, rel=”canonical”, rel=”alternate”, meta refresh redirect and etc.



Meta Analysis

Make sure your titles and meta description have unique content and contain 10-70 characters for titles and 50-320 characters for meta description. All your titles and meta description should contain your important keywords. Your meta descriptions will influence your search results. Check your titles and meta descriptions with Google Search Console for warning messages about duplicate content.

Content Analysis

Keep in mind that unique content plays a vital role in search engine results. You website structure should include HTML headings (h1-h6). Try to use important keywords in your headings. The tag H1 must have the most important keywords. Don’t use duplicate content for your heading tags. The best variant is just to use h1-h3.
Write only unique content, no duplicate and rewritten content. Keep your content with 400 words and more. Too long articles are not good either. It is better to keep a happy medium. Try to minimize the number of spelling and grammar mistakes.


Link Analysis

Make sure you have no more than 100 external links per each page. Try to link only to quality website. Use Nofollow tag for external links if you don’t want to show unsolicited links to search engines. Optimize the anchor text of your links with important keywords. Avoid keyword stuffing. Don’t use too spammy links for your website. Analyze the structure of your interlinking here: Google Search Console: Search Traffic > Internal links.

Image Analysis

Keep your Alt text and Image titles unique per each image. Use no more than 7 words for Alt text. Avoid keyword stuffing. Make your images informative and detailed with important keywords. Get good-quality images with a specified width and height for each one.


Screen Optimization

The trend of growing mobile Internet share is observed each year and will continue in the nearest future. Make sure that your website works and looks good when viewed on desktop, smartphone, and tablet. This will positively influence both your conversion rate and ranking, as Google will consider the adaptive website design (one that fits into any screen size) as another positive factor for ranging since April 2015.

Usability and Technology

This section covers usability and technical requirements that apply to a properly functioning website. Start from checking whether your website has a favicon in its place, valid markup and custom 404 error page. Also check your website loading and running speed as it directly affects the rankings, and test whether it’s secure for browsing.

3. We Take An In-depth Review Of Your Google Advertising

Google Advertising Audit Report

If you are currently running PPC ads on the Google Adwords platform, or have in the past, we will take a deep dive into its performance and provide a detailed evaluation with the following key areas covered;

Keywords Performance

Are there topics that people are searching for that relate directly to your business, and are you using them in your campaign? Are you paying for irrelevant visitors by not having a comprehensive list of negative keywords? We will extensively evaluate the performance of your current keywords and terms, check on your current negative keyword usage, and provide a detailed report on the overall effectiveness of your current keyword strategy.

Bidding Strategy

Bidding strategy is one of the primary factors that Google uses to judge ad position and effectiveness. We take a detailed look into the bidding strategy of your campaign, see if it aligns correctly with what Googles algorithm judges to be best practices for a low Cost Per Click and ideal ad placement, and report our findings to you in an easy to digest report.

Google ads Infographic Local View

Quality Score Analysis

Another of the major factors that Google takes into account when judging the overall quality, cost, and position of your ads is the quality score. Quality score is Google’s rating of the quality and relevance of both your keywords and PPC ads. It is used to determine your cost per click (CPC) and multiplied by your maximum bid to determine your ad rank in the ad auction process.

Landing Page Analysis

A major tenant of Googles algorithm is to keep everything they show to their users extremely relevant to the users’ search. Because of the emphasis on relevance, advertisers who use their platform and extend this principle to their landing page are rewarded. Having a landing page that reflects the search term as closely as possible is one of the major factors that determine effective ads.

4. We Perform A Detailed Evaluation Of Your Social Media & Reviews

Social Media Evaluation

Our extensive social media evaluation process will cover each of the platforms that you use, pull relevant information on each, such as likes, posts, followers and engagement metrics, compare your status to industry averages, and give you a letter grade for overall effectiveness as well as more detailed insights.
Social Media Evaluation Local View

Key Performance Indicators

Using social media for our business is like casting a wide net, and can often leave us feeling overwhelmed and confused trying to keep up on all of them. Our evaluation report breaks down each social platform you use and the key performance indicators (most important aspects) of each all in one easy to digest report. Armed with this evaluation you will know exactly where you are succeeding, where you need to improve, and precisely what you can do to improve your social media effectiveness.

Clearly Defined Benchmarks

Often times it is difficult to pin down exactly when you are having success with social media, as each platform varies widely and in the age of influencers it is easy to get discouraged if you have anything less than 100,000 followers or likes. Our evaluation provides you with industry averages and benchmarks so that you have a solid reference point when setting goals and strategizing for the future.

Reputation Evaluation

Reviews Evaluation Local View

In a time where consumers have a nearly endless number of choices at their fingertips when it comes to who they will do business, they often look to a reliable, unassociated third party to help them make the final decision. The third party? Your past customers. Your reviews and the monitoring thereof, are an essential aspect of building a trustworthy and likable reputation in the market place.

Detailed, Cross-platform Review Audit

As with social media, it can be a real headache trying to get an idea of your current review situation. Our reputation evaluation pulls in all of your reviews from across multiple platforms and spits them out in an easy to understand report. It will also grade your current status, and compare where you stand now with the latest industry averages. Don’t stay in the dark when it comes to what people are saying about you and your business.

5. We Include A Deep Dive Analysis & Evaluation Of Your Content

Content Evaluation

Up until this point, our evaluation includes audits and evaluations of your marketing tools, strategies, and tactics. Content is the string that threads all of the previously mentioned aspects of your marketing together – it’s the message your potential customers hear and internalize when they see your ads, browse your website, or click around your social media. Our content evaluation is where we act as your customer, dissect and analyze the message you are taking to the market, and evaluate how effective it is.

Content Marketing System by Local View

Who Are You Talking To?

In marketing, one of the first fundamental exercises we perform when taking a business or product to market is that of creating a persona of our ideal customer. A persona is a fictional character that has all of the traits, interests, hobbies, problems, and desires as our perfect customer. We do this because it helps reveal patterns about our prospects, and solidifies key points of attention that we can use to find the right people, grab their attention in the right way, and then show them a message that appeals specifically to them.

“The man who chases two rabbits catches none.” Trying to be everything to everyone will leave you struggling, so be specific about who you are talking to in your marketing. Our content evaluation will audit this essential part of your marketing and identify the important points of attention you may be missing in your content.

Are You Sending Signal Or Noise To Your Prospects?

Remember the last time you checked your email? How much of what you receive every day from marketers do you actually pay attention to, let alone take them up on? This is an example of the difference between signal and noise. Because we are so involved in our business we often fall trap to simply outlining features and benefits in our marketing, which comes off as noise to our potential customers, instead of calling out their specific problems and desires, which cuts through the noise as signal. Our content evaluation will help you identify both the signal and the noise in your marketing so that you don’t end up just another unread email in the spam filter.

Do They Know What To Do, Or Are They Confused?

Lastly, our content evaluation will give you insight into whether or not your prospects are simply not buying because they are confused and don’t know what to do next. Including a clear call to action in your content that directs your potential customer towards their desired goal, and yours, will eliminate much of the confusion. This on top of staying consistent in your content creation will ensure increased effectiveness in your marketing.

6. Screen Share Exploration Meeting

Screen Share Meeting

digital marketing evaluation local viewOnce we have compiled the various reports on your internet presence, we will schedule a screen share meeting to discuss our findings in detail with you. We will explore what conclusions the audits have come to, and explain the most important parts of each in simple terms. You don’t have to be a tech wizard to get some valuable insight!

After reviewing your reports, we will prioritize the fixes you need to make in order to get the most out of your digital marketing.  Everyone’s situation is truly unique, so this part of the meeting takes the form of an exploratory brainstorm where you get to ask questions, we make recommendations based on the data and we begin to craft a strategy that you can take action on moving forward whether you decide to work with us or not!

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 Local View has first class service, they are knowledgable, technically savvy and budget friendly. I have enjoyed working with LocalView and hope to continue working with them.

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David takes very difficult systems and makes them understandable to the layperson who wants to utilize the internet. He did a great job with our website and SEO. I highly recommend him.

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If you are looking for someone to get you online and noticed and build your business at an incredibly reasonable price, David Cuff is your guy. He really knows what he is doing.

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