How To create word press blog articles

create wordpress blog articles

Written by David Cuff

May 21, 2016

Here is a fast and easy video tutorial on how to create a Word Press blog article and add a featured image.
Watch the video less than 3 minutes and for further assistance there are seven steps detailed at the end of the article.



This procedure to create Word Press blog articles assumes you have been given a login to your website with a Role of Author or higher.

These are the seven steps to create a Word Press blog article;

Step One: [Login To  Word Press CMS]

Login by going to and providing your user name and password

Step Two: [Add New Post]

On the right side of the screen is the Word Press dashboard. Hover your mouse over the “Posts” option and select “Add New.”

Step Three: [Give Your Article A Title]

Give your post a Title in the open field labeled “Enter title here.” I strongly suggest you name your article something search engines can understand. Names that are short and descriptive. Take for example the name of this article.

Step Four: [Input Your Article]

Paste your pre-formatted article from your word processor.

Step Five: Scroll down and on the right side is a section called “Categories.” If you have assigned a category for your blog selected it here. I strongly suggest you create a Category for your blog to organize your posts from other articles you may want to create. You can create a Category by selecting it on the left side of the screen.

Step Six: [Set Your Featured Image]

Set a featured image for your blog.  For social media functionality make sure your image is at least 200px wide and 200px tall. The featured image will be used as a clickable link to your article from social media and gives a nice touch to your social media content.

Step Seven: [Set Your Permalink]

Set your permalink to the same name you set as your title. This will also help search engines find your article.

There are also the standard formatting features available in the menu bar above the editor. They function much like the standard word processing editors.

Helpful Tip: On occasion your text will behave unpredictably. In other words, something will be bold that should not be, or an extra line added to a paragraph. Often the best way to fix this problem is to press [CTRL-A] to select all the text in your article then press [Delete] and copy the text again from your word processor. If this does not fix the problem, paste the article with the [past as text] feature in your browser and try to format it within WordPress using the format menu options.

There are many other features to the WordPress CMS but these seven steps will help you get started. You may find the following articles helpful in marketing your small business:
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