Local View Digital Marketing reviews Content Mavericks – A 7 Step Content Marketing Handbook: How To Grow Your Business With Insanely Shareable Content by Andrew & Pete.

No matter your skill level or expertise in a subject, you can never go wrong with reading a book to boost knowledge and better your work. Not only do I enjoy creating content for digital presence, but my personal motto is “Stand Out. Be Different.” Especially in today’s world of crowded and noisy digital content. Hence why I chose to read a book called Content Mavericks. For those of you who don’t know what a “maverick” is:




  1. an unorthodox or independent-minded person; refuses to follow the customs or rules of a group to which they belong. (Definition from Oxford Languages).

Content Mavericks is a non-fiction book by Andrew and Pete that outlines a 7 step content marketing process and walks you through, from beginning to end, how to stand out in a noisy digital environment. Included are exercises that you can follow along with throughout the book to help YOUR brand stand out against the competition.



“Content Marketing is DEAD” they said. Think again! From your “Content Mindset” all the way to “Lead Generation,” Andrew and Pete don’t miss a beat when it comes to creating new content and standing out in a noisy digital world. With a casual and quirky “lingo” (read the book and you’ll get the reference), Andrew and Pete keep your attention on what would be a boring subject. I mean really, who wants to read about creating digital marketing content?

Content Mavericks breaks it down for you into easily readable modules with charts, processes and the famous “Andrew and Pete Content Model” making it a breeze to manage your newly profound content strategy. If you focus on producing content that makes your audience “happier or smarter” then you are moving in the right direction.

The moral of the story – Think outside the box when creating and publishing content. That may not be breaking news to you, but how often do you think to yourself “I am going to produce something totally different for my viewers this month!” and then you run out of time and end up just posting the same type of content as before? Because, same!

Just to give you a sneak preview of what Content Mavericks will teach you, here are the modules:

  1. Content Mindset
  2. Content Branding
  3. Content Stamp
  4. Content Creation
  5. Content Organization
  6. Content Promotion
  7. Content Lead Generation



I found Content Mavericks on Amazon. What drew me to purchasing the book? I’m not really sure. Maybe it was the book cover with emojis that screamed FUN. Or maybe it was the description asking me all of these questions: “Are you fed up with writing blogs…?” Yes. “Are you overwhelmed by Social Media, SEO, Email Marketing, Paid Ads?” A little bit… Just kidding. It was definitely because the book was named Content Mavericks and my dog’s name is Maverick (plus I was looking for a book about content creation… it was like fate)!

For my job, for my entertainment, for my personal growth, I am so glad I came across this book. I don’t want to give away too much, because it is just SO good, you have to read it for yourself. I give it a shining ★★★★★ ! I’ve learned so much since reading Content Mavericks. It has inspired me even more to follow through with being different and standing out with creative and unique content. It has even helped me start my content marketing journey from the ground up. Did I mention the resources that Andrew and Pete provide are through the roof – Amazing!?

Content Mavericks is like the content marketing gift that just keeps on giving!


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