There’s no question that video content marketing is one of the most effective strategies you can use in order to reach your target audience via your website and social media. While the appeal of video has steadily soared over the past decade, it isn’t the only thing you need on your site to attract the attention of Internet surfers and people searching for specific content. Text can be extremely important as well, and when you have a good mix of high-quality text content and high-quality video content on your site, the search engines will be much more likely to feature it prominently in search engine results pages (SERP).

The role of text content

Search engines of today are not fooled by keyword-stuffing, which might match the search terms entered by an Internet user. In fact, keyword-stuffing is now penalized by Google and other search engines. The whole point of ranking a website highly is to ensure that it contains quality information which is being sought by users, and that it will satisfy their search needs. Endless repetition of the same search terms in content does nothing to inform or satisfy a user – only legitimate, useful information has value.

High-quality text content can also position your company and your site as an authority in your industry or market. This is especially true when your text content is so good that others in your field have visited the site and linked to it from their own. These ‘referbacks’ provide tangible proof that others have found your site to provide great value, in terms of something they were looking for. Whether that content is offered in recurring blogs or in content which is periodically updated, it is considered to have high value when others link back to it.

The value of video content marketing

Having established some high-quality text content on your site, you can now focus on adding much more appeal to users by including some great video content marketing. First of all, video has its own great approach to providing useful information to a user, in that it can be extremely instructive, and in some ways, can present information even more clearly than text can.

As an example, you might find it difficult to explain in a paragraph or two, how to use your company’s newest product so the greatest benefits can be derived from it. But if you produced a video which shows exactly how to take advantage of the product’s features, step-by-step, viewers would probably find this to have enormous value to them. Visual explanations are almost always much more clear than written instructions can be, because they’re much easier to understand.

Even the laziest Internet surfer will be engaged by good video content because it can be processed by the mind without any particular exertion on the part of the viewer. Video has the added advantage of appealing not just to the visual aspect, but also to sounds which can be incorporated into the overall production. With both sounds and images provided to the user in the most digestible format possible, any viewer will end up learning something about your product or your intended message, even if it’s almost by accident.

The reach of video content marketing

In terms of reach, video is consumed by mobile users on a very large scale indeed, with more than 90% of mobile users watching at least one video per day on their smartphones or other mobile devices. That makes it one of the best ways to reach huge numbers of consumers with any kind of message you’re trying to get out, and it virtually assures that you’ll have a good audience, especially if your video is of good quality and has value to users.

And speaking of reach – using video on your social media accounts can be just as effective, if not more so. Video is tailor-made for sharing with other individuals, so if you can create a video which has great appeal and interest to your social media followers, there’s a possibility of having it shared with a tremendous number of others, well beyond the scope of your immediate network of followers.

Lastly, if you’re a dollars-and-cents kind of business person, you’ll be more interested in the ROI of producing video content for your site or for the social media platforms you’re active on. Probably the single most important metric for ROI on anything is the increase in the number of conversions provided by your new video marketing content. Make sure to track just how well your video content performs, and if it’s not as impressive as you’d hoped, you might need to tweak it to kindle more interest. When you do hit on content which users find to be of great value, it’s very likely that the ROI will make you smile.

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